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Experience Bast Vagabond And Their Stellar Music Vid For "Angel of Love"

You may not know about her just yet, but you will in due time as Bast Vagabond has officially landed with their debut music video for the song "Angel of Love". The immaculately produced clip features stunning and breathtaking imagery, a woman covered in black body paint that speaks volumes about the depth of creativity that is omnipresent throughout the whole clip. This song here was chosen to be helmed as a video from the 2015 Berklee YouTube Hack Day submissions, and what results is a vid of out of this world proportions. The vid was produced by Ben Meyers, whom you may remember from his previous musical outlet Me vs. Gravity where he pounded the drums, and lends his creative juices to a clip that is just oozing buckets of it right at your feet. The song itself has an indie leaning sensibility with a slight electronic twinge that will keep your eyes squarely focused on the action on your screen, and sqaure deep into the heart of expert creativity at its finest.

For more on Bast Vagabond, 'Like' her on Facebook here and check out her official homepage over here for more in depth info regarding her music.

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