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Boston Punks The Rayguns Plan To "Live Forever" With Brand New EP

Boston based punk rock quartet The Rayguns have just made available their brand new EP titled "Live Forever". The raucous and intense collection of tunes shows the high energy music that the collective are capable of belting out at any given time with fervent energy and a strong, cohesive musical bond that sets their name right out into the open for everyone to marvel over and be curious about at the same time. I myself didn't know too much about these guys when I first heard them, even though I don't listen to punk music that much I gave these guys a whirl as they seem to have a strong musical identity that sets them apart from the other acts out there, and they present themselves to be an on the rise act that is gearing towards expanding beyond their confines to become one of those hot acts on the scene that everyone can go crazy for. The Rayguns are plotting to do just that, and you should definitely be checking out their music right now as we speak.

To check out their brand new EP "Live Forever", head on over to their Bandcamp site at this junction here to purchase and stream the new effort, and don't forget to 'Like' the band on Facebook right over here to stay in touch with their steady stream of shows planned throughout the coming year.

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