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Discover Lowell Based Jon Kohen, Releasing New EP "Curse The Darkness, Or Create A Light"

Lowell, MA based singer songwriter Jon Kohen is gearing up to release a brand new EP on 3/30 titled "Curse The Darkness, Or Create A Light". If you're not familiar with his sound, Jon breeds a orchestral sound complete with string arrangements such as violin that create a classical atmosphere that breeds creativity and originality to the highest degree possible. He bears some similarities to Dan Masterson, another performer that I've covered to a great extent here on the site, and he definitely has that pedigree to craft sounds that are familiar with him, and translate it on a wider scale to his willing and waiting audience in the wings that are open and receptive to new genres of music. I found his music to be particularly rewarding, and I can definitely sense a bright future for Jon Kohen in the days and months ahead. Definitely worthy of checking out to experience a different breed of a singer-songwriter.

For more on Jon Kohen, 'Like' him on Facebook over here and check out more of his music over on his Bandcamp directly located right here.

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