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Interview w/ Orlando Based Sweet Cambodia

Proud to bring to you today an interview w Orlando based funk rockers Sweet Cambodia. You may remember them from the piece that I posted on them last week with their new single "Sky" that is guaranteed to give you a musical boner, with vivacious melodies and an outrageous attitude that gives you all the more reason to listen to these immensely talented and ridiculously dead sexy gents (not afraid to admit!) The guys were awesome enough to take some time out of their busy schedules to do a little interview as we seek to find out a little more about the guys, their musical influences, the creative process with their music, and their hopes for the future. Here is the transcript from our chat:

Give us your names and roles in the band? Eric Charles- Lead Guitar Yante Beliveau - Lead Singer Donnie Fuson - Drums Savvy - Bass Guitar

How did you guys all meet and when did the group form?

Eric and Savvy met at Austins coffee open jazz jam night in 2014, and later met in the hall ways of university. Founding The Three Hounds which with time would end up becoming Sweet Cambodia when new drummer Donnie Fuson joined in the summer of 2015. The bands final line up was made when Yante had joined the band, an old time friend to Donnie. Where did the name "Sweet Cambodia" originate from?

Well one time the guys were hanging out waiting down in the lobby of a hotel for Yante who had gone missing the night before in the midst of partying. He finally shows up with his arm in a sling and with a limp. We all ask him what happened. Turns out he met a girl and the moves she pulled out in bed were out of this world, almost mystic. He asked her what that was last night before he left and she only said "Sweet Cambodia."

What music inspired you at a young age to get interested in playing music in the first place?

Donnie: "I had been listening to music since I was in the womb. It came naturally." Yante: "My moms a singer, my sisters a singer, my brothers a singer I grew up around it. I always listen to jazz and found myself inside the sound." Savvy: "My older brother's a jazz musician and I'm naturally what some would call eccentric so performing music just kinda made sense." Eric: "Elvis, Full House, parents, and a school teacher." Describe the energy and vibe of your live shows, where does that animal nature and energy come from and how does the audience react?

We would say it's a chaotic concoction of self expression with a high respect for the art. We put everything up on stage we release all of our love, sadness, joy, and passion. Well we can always make a new friend after the performance so that's the kinda reaction that we get and hope to always receive. Take us behind the shooting of your first music video for "Mourning Time" and what was it like to put together?

It was a very new experience for us all, between the strange hours to get the right light and the attention to detail to make sure continuity is kept, it pretty much kept us on our toes. What is the music scene like down in Orlando and what other bands and venues are around for you to get exposed to?

There are multiple music scenes thriving in Orlando it seems, each catering to a different demographic. Our "scene" is an eclectic mix of music appreciators! Besides playing and making music together, what do you like to do for fun in your spare time?

The band loves nature,we love to go to the springs, the woods, and hiking trails. Usually making an adventure out of anything that we can get our hands on. What do you have planned for the rest of this year, any new music or any plans to play shows up in Boston anytime soon?

Absolutely, we plan on keeping music coming. We have a couple tours of the southeast, music video releases, and other fun thing in the making. Boston? I'd say we will be there on tour in the summer of 2017 most likely. Lastly, what is your favorite thing about being in this band together?

The best thing about being in this band together is having each other. This is family and you know someone will be there for you.

Thanks once again to Eric, Yante, Donnie, and Savvy for being super rad in doing this interview! You really feel a sense of enthusiasm and unbridled passion emanating strongly from these guys, especially since they've been only around for a year. But in that short span of time, they've grown together as musicians and have formed a musical brotherhood that manifests itself on stage as four sweaty and shirtless dudes ready to cause a musical ruckus that is sure to whet your appetite. For more on Sweet Cambodia, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their shenanigans and hi jinks on Twitter at this locale here.

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