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Philly's Own Jesse Ruben Releases Upbeat New Tune "First Day Of Summer"

Philly based Jesse Ruben is back with a brand new tune designed to help you enjoy the carefree days of summer appropriately titled "First Day of Summer". The tune starts out with a steady percussion beat as Jesse's beautiful and pristine voice starts things off, and everything just melts away and suddenly you're in the thick of musical bliss with not a care in the world. The track just plain puts you in a positive frame of mind, and Jesse helps you be a part of that with his voice playing the perfect accompaniment to your summertime adventures. Jesse has been featured on the site before about a year ago, and I remarked on how he possessed all the unique qualities of a singer-songwriter, but he also represents a different breed of it with upbeat harmonies and delicate vocals that really make you fawn over his talents right then and there. A remarkable talent that is destined for success this year and beyond.

To take a listen to "First Day of Summer", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here, and for more on Jesse Ruben please 'Like' him on Facebook over here and visit his official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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