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Miami Based SunGhosts Bring The Heat On Self Titled Debut LP, Will Play O'Brien's 9/8

Miami, FL based indie/garage/surf-rock outfit SunGhosts are set to release their grimy, self titled debut LP today that is attracting a great deal of curiosity from all over. The band's style is really all over the map, but it has that high energy, party friendly vibe ready to make the fans go apeshit over what the band has up their sleeve and ready to pull off. I was dumbfounded when I first found out about these guys, as they didn't have a set musical style and were all over the map musically, and that allowed me to develop an impression of them as a high energy party band that loves to have a little fun with the audience, and join in on the fun that is partaking on the floor. It's one thing imagining it in your head, but it's another thing experiencing it for yourself, and you can do just that when the band stops by O'Brien's on 9/8 where hopefully the warm weather will be sticking around, just enough for the band maybe to show some skin on stage that just adds to the partylike atmosphere and musical smorgasbord that will be omnipresent that evening.

For more on SunGhosts, please 'Like' them on Facebook located at this link over here, and don't forget to visit their official homepage at this spot here to get acquainted with the band from an up and close and personal perspective. You can pick up their self-titled LP on iTunes right now, and on other select digital music retail outlets.

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