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J. Alan Schneider of Jet Black Sunrise Set To Play Solo Gig @ Hard Rock on 10/29

NYC based and formerly of Jet Black Sunrise fame, J. Alan Schneider is ready to step out on his own with a solo gig set to place on 10/29 @ Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, just steps away from Faneuil Hall. His sound is largely different from his previous outlet Jet Black Sunrise that was based here locally in Rhode Island, and is more geared towards an authentic, folk leaning sound that perfectly encapsulates who he is and where he is in both his personal and professional life. It's hard to break away from being accustomed in a band for so long and to experiment with different sounds on your own, but J. makes it easy by pouring his heart and soul into this dynamic, creative vision that is beyond anything that he ever envisioned many years ago. His music is definitely potent and hits straight at the core of his emotional essence, which is what the general basis of folk music largely revolves around. While it's different from anything else he's ever done, it would definitely be worth your while to check him out in concert as he delivers something to the fray that no one else can.

For more info on the show and to RSVP, click on the Facebook event listing here and for more on J. Alan Schneider, please give him a 'Like' on FB at this link here and find out more info about his music via his official website over here.

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