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Discover Coventry, UK Ska Legends The Selecter

Photo Credit: Angie Frissore

For all of you ska nuts out there, I have a treat for you on this Friday by showcasing the high energy and eclectic sounds of Coventry, UK based The Selecter, who wrapped up the U.S. run of their national tour in San Diego just last night. The band have a smooth, inviting style with their reggae inflicted ska vibe permeating the entire musical foundation that grabs the listener's attention right away and draws them in. I myself don't listen to ska that much so I'm largely unfamiliar with these guys, but I have a respect for their musical message and the style that they're trying to convey to their audience and the type of environment that they want to portray for their fans. Hopefully in the not too distant future, their travels take them to the Boston area where there is sure to be a collective that gravitates towards their indelible dance vibe and high energy, amplified sound.

For more on The Selecter, please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this link here and find out more info about them, including links to stream their music via their official website over at this spot here.

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