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Boston Indies Jack Romanov Make Their Return With "No More Loose Ends (All Mine)"

Boston based indie rockers Jack Romanov have proclaimed their return with their all new single "No More Loose Ends (All Mine)". The song starts out with an ominous synth based intro that delves into a musical abyss unlike no other with the drums picking up intensity as the song steams out of the station right away. It's a clear departure from work on their previous effort from last year "After Ignorance, Before The Start", and it's evident from the start that the band are continuing to evolve and take their sound into new directions never before deemed possible that speaks to mind about the genius and creativity that is flowing immensely within the group. Frontman Nick Aikens works his vocal magic into crevices that explode instantaneously, and drive the fervor of the track that is brimming with all sorts of possibilities. Drummer Nico Renzulli continues his incendiary percussion abilities that is most evident in person when he almost plays to the brink of exhaustion at some points. The bass master himself Esteban Cajigas continues to impress and dazzle with his masterful bass talents once again leading the charge, and guitarist Mike Mirabella plays the part of the insane, deranged musical maniac on stage quite well with his antics leading to many broken strings and cut fingers since joining the band. A well produced track that shows the evolution of a promising and beyond talented act right before our very eyes.

To check out "No More Loose Ends (All Mine)" for yourself, you can stream it on their Bandcamp page over here and for more on Jack Romanov, please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this junction here and follow their adventures on Twitter from this perch here.

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