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MusicBoxPete 2016 Artist of The Year: Western Education

It was a close, thrilling battle but Western Education have pulled it off and are MusicBoxPete's 2016 Artist of the Year, decided on by you the readers! The band based out of Lowell have been delighting listeners the last couple of years, and have made a big return this year with their brand new LP "Restless Dreams" that continues the band's sonic odyssey of synth based rhythms conjured upon a strong musical foundation of guitars and bass lines that give the songs a cohesive, musical identity and ones that fans illicit a strong musical reaction towards. I got the opportunity to see these guys this past July at the Mid East Upstairs, and while I've seen these guys multiple times in concert before then, it was the first time we met in person despite having been in the same room as one another multiple times over the years. I got the opportunity to chat with frontman Greg Alexandropoulos after the show, and he couldn't have been more nicer and down to earth and him saying to me that that show was for me and how much I've had an impact on the group as a whole totally made my evening, and made fall in love with the band that much more. It was that moment that sealed the deal for me, and put the group above all the rest. Knowing I've had a strong impact on these talented gents makes doing this site in my spare time all the worthwhile, and what makes it possible for me to get up every morning to bring my view of the local Boston music scene.

For more on the guys, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this locale over here.

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