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Allston Homie Big Nice Releases New Split Mixtape w/ Pat Reynolds via Bandcamp

Allston based Big Nice has just released his brand new split mixtape yesterday via Bandcamp w/ Pat Reynolds. Simply titled "Split", the effort is a gorgeous, sprawling effort that is a series of song snippets under a minute in length that are innate puzzle pieces by themselves, and combined together create a truly dynamic effort that really represents the best of both worlds. Big Nice is the brainchild of Bradford Krieger, an accomplished producer/engineer in his own right who helms Big Nice Studios down in Rhode Island where his magic and genius really shines brightly, as best exemplified with the work that he did on Today Junior's masterful 2015 effort, "Ride The Surf". On this split effort by combining with the prowess of Pat Reynolds, Bradford realizes the true magic and essence of who he is as a musician and truly branches out into an area that he is largely comfortable in. Bradford is a totally outrageous and creative dude who knows how to bring out the best of everyone he comes in contact with. A truly out of the box effort that is worthy of a listen.

To check out the split Big Nice/Pat Reynolds effort, it's now available on Bandcamp over here, and for more on Big Nice, give him a 'Like' on Facebook right over here to stay in tune with all of his musical travels.

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