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Sydney, Australia's The Rumjacks Embark on Debut US Tour, Stopping By O'Brien's on 4/13

Sydney, Australia based outfit The Rumjacks are currently on their debut US tour, and will be stopping by locally at O'Brien's in Allston on 4/13. The collective are touring behind their latest LP called "Sleepin' Rough" that takes their Celtic punk-rock blend similar to Dropkick Murphys on a more grander scale, and expose their sound to people outside of the region who aren't familiar with them just yet. The band have a defined style that is all their own, and while they are similar to their contemporaries from a sonic scale, they have a musical identity and prestige that is all their own and are looking to become a name that people can scream their names at while rocking it out on stage. I'm immensely curious about these guys and what they'll be able to accomplish in the days ahead, and it appears that everything is smooth sailing and all systems go for these Aussie bred musicians who are hoping that their good fortunes will treat them well in the States, and all indications are that the collective will have a fruitful career ahead of them with the wind at their backs.

For more on The Rumjacks, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here to stay in tune with all of their musical travels, get more in depth on the mates via their official website here, and give their new LP "Sleepin' Rough" a listen via Spotify on this channel here.

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