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Catching Up w/ Boston Newbies First Frost

Starting off this warm afternoon with an interview featuring Boston locals First Frost. You may remember the group under the name Foliage, but the group have a new name yet the same sound retained under the old moniker that also represents a step forward for the group that are slowly starting to climb up the rungs of the local music ladder. I just got the chance to chat with frontwoman Lauren Koppelman to find out what has changed with the group, their experiences recording their new EP, and their upcoming show as part of the All Together Now initiative on Sat. 4/29 at The Lilypad. Here is the transcript from our chat:

Give us your names and roles in the band?

Lauren - Vocals, Guitar

Morgan - Guitar, Synth, Vocals

Mike - Bass, Bass Synth, Vocals

Chris - Drums

Recently, you changed your name from Foliage to First Frost, what was the reason behind the change?

We just released our first EP and there's this really talented kid in California who's making dream pop under the name Foliage so we didn't want there to be any confusion between the two bands on iTunes or Spotify.

With the name change, is there a difference between the sound of your old band or is everything pretty much the same?

Same band, same sound, new name. I mean, as a band, we're always improving and always discovering new things about our sound, so in that aspect, that's new, but that would be the case no matter what our band name is.

Let's go behind the recording of your new EP and what the whole process was like and the experience for each of you?

We recorded our EP at Beartone Studio in Newton, which is owned/operated by our friend Devon Dawson. His band (White Cassette) just released their first full-length which was also recorded at Beartone and it sounds incredible. The whole process was very laid back. Devon is great to work with and we're pleased with the outcome.

What is your favorite song off the new EP that speaks to you the most?

The EP was an interesting project. We're currently working on a full-length which is thematically connected - both melodically and lyrically. The songs that we chose for the EP were ones that we had finished but don't belong on the full-length. We really wanted to record these three songs because they're each great compositions. No Sleep has incredible dynamic and emotional range. Why Shouldn't I is unapologetic and loud and Wild in the Wake is rhythmically complex and just so much fun to play. It's hard to pick a favorite because of how different each one is from the next.

Talk about this All Together Now initiative that you're a part of and how did you become involved?

All Together Now is a multimedia event put together by Anna Rae that brings together artists from NYC and Boston with the goal of creating space for women, people of color, and LGBTQ people. It cannot be overstated the value and importance of the full inclusion of artists within these groups. Art is a great equalizer: it helps us appreciate our own humanity and that of others. It helps us see our own potential and understand the potential in others. When we were asked to get involved with this project, we jumped at the opportunity.

What's the mindset going into this show and any special surprises or what can we expect leading up to the date?

We're really excited for this show. The other artists on the bill are so talented and we're humbled to be sharing the stage with the likes of spoken word artist (and BLM organizer!) Didi Delgado, rap artist Tashawn Taylor and beatboxer Gene Shinozaki. It's going to be such a great night.

We're also very close to finishing writing our full-length album so we'll have a few new tunes to share, and we've been focusing this year on adding multiple voices to our compositions, so be on the lookout for vocal harmonies.

How can people find out more info about you and buy tickets for the 4/29 show?

Our EP (Click "follow" on Spotify - it helps us break through the chatter)

Thanks once again to Lauren for being so generous in her time for this interview. Meeting her at a couple of the Boston Scene Party meet-ups a while back, I was impressed with the band's original sound that doesn't feel the need to do too much, but knows how to directly connect with the audience and make them feel like they're part of the act. Check out more on First Frost at all of the aforementioned links located directly above.

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