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Austin, TX's Own Hitting Subset Releases Potent New Track "Hikari"

Austin, TX based alt rockers Hitting Subset have released a monster of a track in the form of "Hikari". The track has elements of a post punk aggression similar to their fellow Texans At the Drive In with a modern sophistication that sets them apart leaps and bounds from their contemporaries. I found these guys to have a hidden gem to their mystique that led me to continue listening intently on finding out what was their secret to maintaining such a fresh and creative vibe. What I found was that they were only being themselves, which is only what they're supposed to do and find their place in such a competitive and balanced music scene down in Texas. I had the opportunity to visit Austin down in March for SXSW, and I was really in my element down there among the music fanatics down there and the warm hospitality of everyone around who really wanted to strike a conversation, and had an intense curiosity of everything about you. Hitting Subset definitely have that said curiosity about everything related to music, and are proud of their Texas heritage to show everyone around them who they are and what they're all about. A tremendous on the rise act that is worthy of a look over.

To take a listen to "Hikari", it's available on their Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Hitting Subset, please 'Like' them on Facebook via this channel here, follow their adventures on Twitter from this locale here, and find out more about the gents via their official website right here, including links to stream their music as well.

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