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2017 Bands of Summer Photo Special

It's that time of year again when the mercury reaches over the threshold, and layers of clothing begin to get peeled off more frequently: it's MusicBoxPete's annual Bands of Summer shirtless photo spread! Over the last few years, many bands have graced the photo spread showcasing their delightful bods and chiseled physiques that has attracted scores of eyeballs where people will appreciate them not just for their music, but for their ability to be completely uninhibited and willing to play topless much to the delight of the crowd gathered in attendance. This year's crop is definitely going to be getting some page clicks and salivating gasps for sure at the sight of exposed skin. Here are this year's participants:

Photo Credit: Jade Kenny Photography

Saul Sitar (Hawking)

Starting off this year's spread is Saul Sitar, guitarist of the Vancouver based prog/math rock collective Hawking. You may remember the group as they've been featured on the site a couple of times before, and Saul is the newest addition of the collective having joined just last year bringing with him an immense knowledge of music education and how to bring some major technical aspects to the band that bear some resemblance to Thrice among others. Another thing that Saul brings to the band is his incredibly chiseled physique, as this pic clearly shows from a concert last year. With the glow of the stagelights above, you are marveled at his incredible pecs and sweaty bod that shows how hard Saul works to put on a quality show and to please those in attendance by giving them what they want: some ample eye candy to make a great show even better.

Elliott Fletcher (Glass Caves)

Coming to us from across the pond in Pontefract, UK is Elliott Fletcher, drummer of the indie band Glass Caves. These guys have also been prominent features on the site in the past year, bringing to their audience an immense amount of beauty and musical satisfaction achieved throughout their music. One thing that does leave fans completely satisfied is the immense good looks and beautiful hair of everyone in the band, especially drummer Elliott Fletcher pictured above. Elliott brings a high degree of charisma and charm to the group with his incredibly thick and swooning British accent to complement his incredible bod that would make anyone blush, and immense skill that makes him a highly sought after figure.

Aaron O'Connor (Skyward Story)

Aaron O'Connor is the new frontman for Skyward Story, whom you may remember as the band 3PM whom I interviewed at Warped a couple of years back. The pop-rock trio have been bringing in the masses with their youthful appeal and explosive melodies that are hooking people in left and right. When Aaron was first introduced as the newest member of the group in this screenshot from a video that appeared on their YouTube page, fans were stunned when Aaron introduced himself entirely in the nude, along with the aid of a stuffed cat, lamp, and a moving globe to hide his genitalia and accentuate his more desirable parts hiding underneath that we unfortunately can't have a glimpse at. Seeing his chiseled physique along with his ripped bod, make us only imagine what beauty lies beneath the equator even though we can't see it.

Gnarly Karma (From L to R: Ryan McAdam (bass), Adam Sklar (guitar), Jarrod Beyer (drums), Mike Renert (lead vocals) Not pictured: Billy Hanley (sax)

Rounding out our listing this year is Huntington, NY based Gnarly Karma, who made their first appearance at SXSW back in March. With their reggae influenced vibe and party ready mentality, Gnarly Karma are a band who won't let anything stand in their way of fun, especially when it came to taking this picture braving the cruel cold of mother nature to take this masterful shirtless shot of most of the group. The guys clearly have no qualms about wanting to expose their bods that all have some form of sex appeal that satisifies anyone who has a craving for chest hair, tattoos, and toned bods that really make the group that much more appealing and are most certainly a fan favorite when you check them out live in concert.

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