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Amherst Post-Punkers Where's Walden Gearing for 8/1 Release of New LP "Brux"

From the outskirts of Western Mass in Amherst comes the post-punk/shoegaze inflicted sounds of Where's Walden?, who will be releasing their brand new album to the world called "Brux" on 8/1. The band's sound is a post-punk styled affair along with a slight indie twinge to it that makes the band much more potent and susceptible to the general listening audience. The trio is fronted by Jack O'Brien whom you may remember from his other project Jack O'Brien and The Ferns who were featured here on the site a couple of years ago. This new project is vastly different from any of his prior solo material, and hearing Jack evolve greatly into the man he is today is stunning and absolutely breathtaking to see how he has musically morphed into an outlet where he is joined by other like minded individuals who share the same common bond of music that he is passionate about. I was enthralled from the first note, and I can't wait until this new effort unleashes itself onto the world where it will have a lasting impact for sure.

For more on Where's Walden, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from over here, and check out their music on Bandcamp conveniently located at this spot here and keep an eye out for "Brux" that will be released this coming Tuesday 8/1.

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