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Boston Based Covey Wears The "Same White Shoes" on New Single

Photo Credit: Kaya Blaze Kelley

Boston based folk rock collective Covey are back with a brand new single released just today called "Same White Shoes". The group takes a huge leap forward in both musical sensibility and direction with a tune that is leaps and bounds ahead of the curve, and hints at a promising new direction for the group that started off with a raw folk punch, and has morphed into a musical colossus that you can't help but to behold and marvel at right in front of you. I first featured Covey here on the site several years ago, and was definitely keen on where they were headed musically. Now fully realizing the fruits of their musical labor, the full extent of their musical mission has been realized and the group are moving higher into the musical stratosphere with this new tune that is a different breed of folk that almost moves into the indie realm, along with some input from the rest of the band that balances the sound out and hollows out the exterior to give off a tune that will definitely resonate strongly with you.

To take a listen to "Same White Shoes", it's available on Soundcloud over here and for more on Covey please 'Like' them on Facebook from this post here and follow them on Twitter from this locale over here.

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