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Boston Based Griffin Robillard Finds Some "Cracks In The Ceiling" on New Single

Boston based singer-songwriter Griffin Robillard is gearing up for the release of his debut album on September 15th titled "Cracks in The Ceiling", and the aforementioned title track is making the rounds as the first single. The song has a mellow, relaxing component to it that grabs your attention instantaneously, and doesn't let up in its resolve to really affect the way you think about music in general. I loved Griffin's vibe right from the start, and he bares some similarities to Pete Yorn with his way to evoke the sensibility of a coffeehouse singer-songwriter looking to make their mark on the world. Griffin is well on his way to achieving something special with his music, and it's his ability to not fall into a musical category that sets him apart from his contemporaries, and puts him in a class all his own. A marvelous talent that is most certainly worthy of exploring even further.

For more on Griffin Robillard, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook via this channel here, and check out his official homepage at this locale here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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