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Fresh Off Recent Great Scott Show, Terra Lightfoot Set To Release New LP "New Mistakes" Th

Photo Credit: Dustin Rabin Photography

Fresh off the heels of her recent show at Great Scott on Oct. 1, Terra Lightfoot is set to release her brand new album "New Mistakes" this Fri. Oct. 13. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario in Canada, Terra has a hard edged sound, with a unique vocal prowess that resonates all the way through, and shakes the musical foundation right to its core. I was blown away with Terra's talent, and she definitely has the pedigree and raw natural ability to capture people's attention, and keep them locked in all the way throughout. It's not too often you encounter an artist with such an authoritative stage presence, and Terra is definitely one to keep some eyes and ears locked onto as she has all the tools necessary to make a big splash moving forward. Her new LP is fresh with innovative and exciting sounds that can't be matched to one genre, and it's definitely one that requires multiple listens to get the full breadth of. A spectacular talent that is more than what it's worth.

For more on Terra Lightfoot, give her a 'Like' on Facebook located here, follow her on Twitter over here, and check out her official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding her.

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