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Cali Based Jonathan Townes Releases Inventive New Single "You Are The Reason For Everything&quo

Cali based and Berklee College of Music alum Jonathan Townes has released his intriguing, brand new single titled "You Are The Reason For Everything". One listen from the first few notes of the tune, and you're instantaneously hooked as it has some subtle, groove laden hooks that reel you in unsuspectingly, and drives the musical progression even further as the song travels along. I was literally floored from the first moment I heard the song, and you really see the musical evolution that Jonathan has made from where he was prior, and seeing the roadmap that he has taken in his musical travels thus far that has been nothing short of spectacular and breathtaking. Jonathan was featured on the site last June, and I remarked at how he was making the most of what he learned from Berklee right here in Boston, and was using that education to his best advantage and has blossomed into a full fledged talent with nothing to hide, and all his emotions left out in the open for the listener to make sense of. A spectacular track that is most certainly required listening.

For more on Jonathan Townes and to check out his new single, head on over to his official website located here for more in depth info surrounding him as well.

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