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Medford, MA's Own John E Funk & The Skunks "Give It Up" On Groove Laden New Single

From my hometown of Medford, MA comes the groovy sounds of John E Funk & The Skunks, who have released their brand new single titled "Give It Up". The song has a bevy of colorful and dance fueled rhythms, including some trombone and sax elements that will make you shake your booty, and also allow you to adapt to the tempo of the song that can change paces on a dime. The group consists of the aforementioned John E Funk manning guitar and lead vocals, Jameson Walsh on bass and vocals (with a beautiful beard to boot), Mike Azar on drums and vocals, Gabe Rothman on trombone, and The Hash Smoking Slacker on sax. The group's sound is indelible and straight up addictive from the start, with dazzling rhythms and thought provoking musical precision that really makes you appreciate them greatly from the start. But their beauty and magic lie squarely within their live performances which usually results in the fellas showing some skin, such as performing in their underwear on Halloween as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Jameson sometimes performing shirtless on stage that definitely arouses the attention of those in attendance. These guys will definitely leave you wanting more by the set has concluded, and they have an immense amount of talent and charisma that will most certainly take them to the next level.

To check out "Give It Up" for yourself, head on over to their Bandcamp page located here, and for more on John E Funk & The Skunks, give them a 'Like' on Facebook located from this perch here, and follow them on Twitter from over here for more on the delightful gents.

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