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Austin, TX's Slow Cooked Gear Up For SXSW With New Tune "Thunder and Lightning"

Austin, TX's own Slow Cooked are gearing up for a busy week as they have SXSW coming up next week, and along in tow they have their brand new single titled "Thunder and Lightning". It's really hard to describe their sound, but it's a musical amalgamation of all the band members' individual influences ranging anywhere from Michael Jackson to jazz to create a melting pot of musical diversity that is beyond imagination. Featuring my good buddy Alex Hartley on keys, Ida Khojandpour on vocals, Darren Debree on drums, Ryan Lindsay on bass, John Slavin on trumpet, and John Rooney on sax have an intriguing sound that involves listening multiple times over to get the full brunt of their musical power. It's definitely a relaxing and worthwhile experience for sure, and in no time you'll be curious to hear more from this delightful group of musicians. And if you happen to be in Austin next week for SXSW, definitely make it your mission to seek them out in concert to get the full experience directly from them.

For more on Slow Cooked, give them a 'Like' on Facebook from over here, follow them on Instagram right here, and check out "Thunder and Lightning" for yourself direct from their Bandcamp page at this spot here.

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