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Local Sensation Louis Apollon Set To Partner Up w/ Blue Light Bandits for 3/14 Club Passim Show

Boston based jazz-folk singer songwriter Louis Apollon is set for a big show happening tomorrow 3/14 at famed Club Passim, right in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge. Coming along for the ride will be Blue Light Bandits, an outfit hailing from Worcester that are brand new to the scene, but are starting to create a buzz and aura about themselves that will have plenty of people clamoring for their attention. Louis is not stranger to the site himself as he has been featured here before, and he has a simple structured melody to all his songs that combined jazz and folk into a beautiful concoction that really makes you appreciate his craft right from the start. Bringing about a sense of musical diversity into the mix is refreshing and groundbreaking in its own right, and Louis definitely has all of the dots lined up, ready to make the most of what he's got to make it happen. A terrific talent that is worthy of exploring in person firsthand.

For more on Wednesday's show at Club Passim and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here, and for more on Louis Apollon, pleas give him a 'Like' on Facebook from over here, and check out his official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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