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Boston's Own Hannah Bates Picks Up The "Pieces" On Brand New EP

Boston based singer songwriter Hannah Bates has made her presence known with her debut studio EP titled "Pieces". The warm and inviting 5 track collection introduces you to Hannah's beautiful and echoing vocals that hit you like a ton of bricks immediately upon first listen. Her style is very evocative of typical coffeehouse singer-songwriter fare, but hits at a different angle that really makes you appreciate the artistry around her, everything from the instrumentation right down to the lyricism. There's a certain melodic thunder that's captured beautifully and eloquently throughout the EP, especially on tracks such as "Trouble" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" that capture her from both ends of the musical spectrum. Hannah has a really special talent that deserves to be heard and it would be especially worthwhile to hear her music firsthand to see what she's all about, and then check her out in person to see how well it translates to a live setting.

For more on Hannah Bates, give her a 'Like' on her Facebook page located right over here, follow her on Twitter from this spot here, and check out her EP "Pieces" located on her Bandcamp site conveniently located here.

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