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PREMIERE: Northampton, MA's Own Julie Cira & The Wake Get "Reckless" On New Single

Photo Credit: Elle Levin

Discover Northampton, MA's own Julie Cira & The Wake and their stunning new single released just today called "Reckless". The song has an easy going folk sensibility to it that immediately makes you feel at ease, and the haunting beauty and simplicity of the lyrics will leave you with your mouth and ears open as you listen to the track in full. The group consists of Julie Cira on rhythm guitar and vocals, Alyssa Kal on drums, Nadia Elle Levin on lead guitar, and Jac Walsh on bass. What really impressed me about this group was the way the energy flowed seamlessly throughout the room as they were recording this track, and you really saw and heard the magic blossoming into something special that was being forged right then and there in the studio. This track is definitely one to keep firmly planted on top of your playlists, and are a group that are only beginning to discover their true musical identity that is becoming larger and more pronounced at this very moment. A must listen for any local Boston music lover!

To check out "Reckless" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp over here, and it's available on most major streaming platforms as well. You can check out Julie Cira & The Wake and give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, and follow them on Twitter at this locale here.

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