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Boston Indies Orson & The Rosebuds Deliver The Goods on New Single "Spectronoma"

Boston indie collective Orson & The Rosebuds have more than a few musical tricks up their sleeve on their brand new single "Spectronoma". Taken from their just released live album "Enemies of Enemies", the track is a poignant glimpse of a collective finding their element, and just beginning to blossom and come into their own as musicians. The group consists of Tessa Berliner on lead vocals, Christian DeKnatel on keys and guitar, Anthony Giordano on vocals and guitar, Tim Orth on bass, Timothy Scheinert on guitar, and Nick Smith on percussion. The track is a refreshing, innovative slice of heaven highlighting the band's creative resolve in living color. The group has an innate ability to create subtle melodies and harmonies, and bringing out the best of everyone in the group in the process. The band knows exactly what they're doing, and I was really blown away and marveled at how the group was able to piece everything together so organically. An incredible up and coming act that we'll be keeping a watchful eye on in the months to come.

To check out "Enemies of Enemies" for yourself, it's available for streaming on their Bandcamp site right here, and for more on Orson & The Rosebuds, please give them a 'Like' on their Facebook page over here, and peep their Instagram feed at this spot here to see what they're up to right now at this very moment.


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