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Boston Outfit Juniper Want Things "Like It Used To" On New Single

Boston based collective Juniper have released their stunning new single called "Like It Used To". The guys have been at it for a few years now, creating stunning and gorgeous anthems that reflect the band's creative mindset that comes through big time in each and every track they put out. The group consists of brothers Scott and Thomas Johnson, and they call themselves "a group of music lovers making music you'll love". The band's sound is a concoction of funk, rock, pop, blues, and soul elements that result in a stunning mixture that really grabs your attention right from the first note. The vocals are simply beautiful on this track, and has a laid back feel that will make you want to dim the lights low and experience this group as the beautiful souls they are. I was floored the first time I heard this song, and you will be too as they really prove themselves as a band to be paying attention to in the months ahead. A stunning outfit that you'll fall in love with from the first note.

To check out "Like It Used To", it's available for streaming on their Bandcamp page right here, and for more on Juniper please 'Like' them on their Facebook page at this spot here to get better acquainted with the gentlemen. The song is also available on a host of major streaming outlets as well.

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