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Boston Based Singer-Songwriter Melissa Mills Invites Listeners Into Her "Grudgeless Mind"

Photo Credit: Holy Smoke Photography

Boston based singer-songwriter Melissa Mills has released her second live music video this past week for her song "Grudgeless Mind". Melissa said on her Facebook page that the song is about "making mistakes and trying to stop being so hard on yourself. Life is fleeting and and love is powerful, so don't be afraid to start back at square one". Melissa definitely has a powerful presence and aura about herself that is evident right from the start, and she keeps things simple in perspective for the listener who is discovering her music for the first time. Her voice has incredible range and that is her main selling point in her music, everyone else will have favorite facets about her musical personality to match, but overall her sound is something truly special and remarkable and one that will definitely leave you with a lasting impression long after the video has concluded. An amazing local talent that is worthy of delving deep into for the first time.

To check out "Grudgeless Mind" for yourself, it's available on YouTube over here, and for more on Melissa Mills please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, follow her on Twitter from right here, and visit her official homepage at this site here for more in depth info regarding her, including links to stream her music also.

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