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Swiss Based Duo Daens Releases Jawdropping Single "eighteleven"

From the mountainous region of Switzerland comes the exciting duo known as Daens who have released their spectacular new single titled "eighteleven". The group consists of Daniel Beltrametti on lead vocals and guitar, and Nico Hunziker on drums. The song is a quiet and emotional affair, with mellow acoustic guitar interludes and Daniel's comforting voice to guide you through the musical wilderness that is abound at your feet. There was a real spark when I listened to Daens for the first time, and it really incited a certain aura and presence about these guys that it made it hard for me to look away from their sheer brilliance and musical magnitude that they were displaying right in front of me. I loved Daniel and Nico immensely right from the start, and I believe that there will be a great number of people here in the States who will be attracted to them as well.

To check out "eighteleven" in its entirety, it's available on most major streaming providers, and for more on Daens please 'Like' them on Facebook from this spot here, and visit their official website right here to get more info regarding them.

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