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Local Singer-Songwriter Jason Ebbs Excites Listeners on New Single "The Lizard King"

Boston based singer-songwriter Jason Ebbs is gaining some traction and notice with the release of his brand new single called "The Lizard King". His style is reared within the indie realm, with elements of beach rock thrown in for good measure, and also to give his sound some diversity and that ability to stand out from amongst the crowd. Much like me, Jason is also a fellow Husky as he goes to school locally at Northeastern. Jason's voice definitely captures your attention on first listen, plus his ability to add in some garage rock flavor make Jason an incredibly talented and diverse artist who knows how to capture the attention of the listener immediately, and make them the focal point for the task at hand. I was really impressed with Jason's talents, and I definitely think that he's cut from the cloth of a different breed of singer-songwriter that we're accustomed at seeing, and goes about things in his own way that makes him more aesthetically pleasing and also has that staying power to make it a long lasting career too. A terrific track that is worthy of taking for a first spin.

To check out "The Lizard King" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming providers and for more on Jason Ebbs, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this perch here, and check out more of his music over on his Bandcamp site conveniently located over here.

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