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Boston Based Jason Ebbs Reveals His True Self on New LP "Superego"

Photo Credit: Caroline Eliz Photography

Boston's own Jason Ebbs has released his brand new LP called "Superego". The album has a plethora of beach rock rhythms that allude to The Beach Boys, but with Jason's own distinct musical personality that dazzles immediately from the outset. You may remember Jason from my post about him a few months on his prior single "The Lizard King" that did a great job of establishing his style and sophistication. On his new album, you get a more diverse array of tempos and melodies that suits Jason's style quite well, and presents a more diverse snapshot of Jason's material and what he's musically capable of. Jason has tremendous talent, and what I like best about him is that he doesn't stick to one genre, he dabbles and gets his feet wet in a variety of different musical patterns that makes him that much more accessible to the average listener who will gravitate towards him more frequently. An impressive talent that definitely brings out the warmth and flavor of the summertime.

To check out "Superego" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming outlets including Bandcamp here, and for more on Jason Ebbs please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located over here.

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