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Boston's Own Rachel Baldwin Set To Pair Up w/ Low Ceilings and Sappho & The Radishes for 7/6

Boston based Rachel Baldwin is gearing up for a big show this 4th of July weekend on July 6 at The Burren in Somerville where she will be joined by Low Ceilings alongside Sappho & The Radishes. All of the acts are folk based which should provide for a relaxing evening where all of the artists share similar musical characteristics that should open up some eyes and ears if you aren't familiar with any of the acts. Rachel will be playing her last show with her backing band as her guitarist is moving to Washington DC and her bassist is moving to NYC. Oddly enough, her guitarist and the bassist for Sappho & The Radishes used to play in Low Ceilings, and Low Ceilings acted as the backing band for her debut EP so it's truly a six degrees of separation and everybody is connected in one coincidental way. Sappho & The Radishes are from Somerville, just right down the street from The Burren and it will truly be an eclectic night of folk music on display for everyone to marvel at.

For more info on Saturday's show and to buy tickets, RSVP via the FB Event listing here and for more on Rachel Baldwin, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, and check out her music on Bandcamp conveniently located over here.

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