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Interview w/ Yorkshire, UK Based Rock and Roller Hooby and the Yabbit

Give us your name and your roles in the band? Hi, Ian Hawkins, Band leader, Song writer, Gig getter, PR department, Pilot, Goal Keeper....

Take us behind the formation of the group and how you all met? Well at the minute I am the only standing member. The band evolved out of a cover band I was doing-Steely Dan, ZZ Top, and all sorts. Then I built a studio and started writing these songs some of which are on this release, then some friends of mine did get on board and we did a few gig s 16/17 I am looking to reform the group for the Autumn of this year and hit the road, so watch out!

Describe your early musical influences and how they have helped shape and inspire you to this day? Very varied, particularly as a young teenager. First off Brian Ferry, Queen, ELO, but then came the Pistols and the Stranglers, and from the US Boz Scaggs. The whole Heavy Metal scene-Motorhead were the first band I ever saw, which started a lifelong passion and probably got me into wanting to be in a band. This band had a lot of energy and did not fit into just one category- though they are really just a loud rock and roll blues band, like Eddie Cochran/Chuck Berry turned up way loud and played louder/faster. Same with AC/DC. I think you can hear some of this in my music-ZZ Top as well-I love a trio. 10 CC, The Police, Rush, Zep. One of my heroes was/is Frank Zappa not just for his music but his stance in the world and use of humour, politics and social analysis in his music and lyrics. Also his stance as an independent artist and the way he conducted his business affairs. Possibly that’s why I have done things the way I have, with my own studio and such.

How would you describe your band's sound to those who aren't familiar with you? Good time Rock n Roll , Bluesy, Electric, Acoustic, Groovyness. One review of "Out Of Time" described it as "a perfect Saturday night sound track" or something similar.

What is the energy and joy you get out of playing and recording music, how big of a rush do you feel? Recording is quite a considered process, though you do get a rush sometimes when you hear it back-if you got it right! A good gig is one of the best feelings in the world, like when its you and the audience joined together. That’s the best feeling. The next day's downer can be quite awful-you know when the feeling leaves you. Getting "out of it" was my only answer for years but as I'm getting older I manage these things better. Children help as well-keep your feet on the ground you know-they are not fooled by any ‘Rock star’ type shit-to them I’m just ‘Dad’.

Talk about the recording of your latest release, and what it was like to put it all together? The songs came quite easy, and initial recording was simple-drums, bass, guitars/ vox. Then a few dubs where involved- Saxophone and Harmonica for "Freakout" and "Handsome Curves". "Freakout" actually had a vocal though I decided not to use it in the end-it did not need it. Recording on your own is a lonely process I suppose, but you kind of get lost in it-a good thing and a bad thing. I look forward to using more of a band thing in the future though. Music is a team sport at the end of the day, I think.

Besides music, what do you like to do in your spare time? Weeeeeeeeeell. Motor Racing is a big passion- I go to the F1 when I can and also touring cars and other stuff, I have an allotment, My son and I go to railways to see old steam engines, and we have our own model layout, going on holiday to Whitby when we can, going to the pub and setting world to rights, playing in other bands......

What's coming up next for you, any future shows or new music you'd like to promote? No shows just yet. I am tidying up the nest release, which is an evolution of the previous sound and material, with more acoustic stuff in there, but also some really loud stuff as well-all sorts, which is how it should be. How can fans find out more info about you online?

This will take you to the record where you can hear it for free and read a bit more about it and then the web tells you a bit about us. We are on facebook as well, which will show some of the stuff we have been doing over the last year or 3.

Lastly, what is the one thing you enjoy the most about being in a band together? When it is a band, throwing insults at each other, and getting on with it, then a beer or two after.

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