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Boston/LA Based Dr. Nocko and Mr. Nicholas "Fall In Love Again" On Debut Single

Boston/LA based Dr. Nocko and Mr. Nicholas have released their debut single "Fall In Love Again". You may recognize the duo of Nick Aikens and Nico Renzulli from their time in the local indie outfit Jack Romanov, and they have since reunited to create this new musical hybrid that is strictly a pop based formula, with some aspects of their prior work embedded deep within their new material to give it a fresh and fleshed out new look. Having featured JRV's music and the members' individual solo projects on my site in the past (Esteban Cajigas and Mike Mirabella), I was really intrigued by the new direction that Nico and Nick took with this new project, and how it went at a different angle than their previous work, and represented a major shift for them musically that also reflected the changes at where they are in each stage of their lives also. I was impressed with what I heard, and really saw remarkable growth musically that listeners will grow to love almost immediately and find a common bond with also.

To check out "Fall In Love Again" for yourself, it's available for consumption on most major streaming outlets and for more on Dr. Nocko and Mr. Nicholas, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here to stay in touch with everything that they have going on musically.

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