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Boston Alt-Indie Darlings Paper Tigers Are In A "Goldmine" on Latest Single

Boston based alt-indie quartet Paper Tigers are hitting their stride with their latest single titled "Goldmine". It's included on their latest EP "A Schism Cataclysm", and it showcases the band's dynamic and musically technical side, similar to the likes of Thrice with their meticulous musical wizardry put forth on magical display, and gives you much deeper appreciation for the band's musicality and everything that they have put forth on the musical platter for you. The band features Michael Medlock on vocals, Bjarki Gudmundsson on guitar, Matt Hughes on bass, and Ben Cuthbert on drums. I was totally floored with Paper Tigers right from the start, and they have a certain degree and charisma that can't be matched by any other band in the Boston music scene right now. It speaks to mind about their depth and individual talent as musicians that everyone will be able to appreciate them right from the start. They will be among a plethora of artists playing at the Boston Calling Music Festival coming up on Memorial Day weekend, and there is no question that they will be right at the top of the most talked about artists that weekend.

To check out "A Schism Cataclysm" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming providers and for more on Paper Tigers, please give them a 'Like on Facebook from this locale here, follow them on Twitter right here, and see their pics on Instagram conveniently from this perch over here, and please visit their official website at this spot here for all the latest updates directly from the band.

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