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Boston Based Glam Rocker Gene Dante Hits The "High Time" on New Single

Photo Credit: The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Boston based glam rocker Gene Dante has released his latest single to the masses titled "High Time". The tune has a flashy, bombastic exterior coupled with Gene's smooth vocal abilities lavishing the surface and adding a bit of flair also. I really dug Gene's sound and style right from the start, and it kind of has a 80's era Duran Duran style to it, but it's a sound that's entirely of Gene's creation also and one of which you can pick up facets of Gene's personality also. It's one of many tracks featured on his forthcoming album "DL/UX" set for release in October, and if this track is any indication, the album is sure to be a surefire party starter that will definitely usher in the masses and bring about a sense of freedom and comfort. Gene's underlying message that is found throughout his music is to be who you are and not let other people define your personality, create your own and let it shine without having to apologize to anyone. A vivacious track that will heat things up, and also cool things down during this heatwave.

You can listen to "High Time" exclusively on Spotify at this link right here, and it will be available on other streaming outlets in the coming weeks. For more on Gene Dante, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow him on Twitter at this spot here, see his pics on Instagram at this junction here, and please visit his official website right here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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