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Boston Based Indie J-Popper Mei Semones Releases New EP "Sukikirai"

Boston based indie J-pop singer-songwriter Mei Semones has released her brand new EP to the masses today titled "Sukikirai". The effort is a sprawling, cohesive effort that allows listeners to take a vivid musical snapshot of Mei's world, and take stock of all the different musical colors and notes that are transposed on the musical canvas for all to look at. I'm not too familiar with indie J-pop, but Mei does a superb job of introducing newcomers, and taking them through the turnstiles and warmly greeting you with her elegant, beautiful voice that neatly and calmly coasts along at ease, along with some light strokes of musical instrumentation that do a great job of illustrating the picture for all parties involved. I was very impressed with Mei, and she seems to have a grasp of the musical message that she wants to send out to everyone, and the type of environment that she wants to conduct business in. J-pop is of course all the rage right now, and even though it's different that what I normally listen to, I quickly found myself with the sound and in reality, it doesn't sound too much different that what's regularly on my musical plate but I will most certainly become a repeat customer. A well constructed effort from a very promising talent that is just beginning to find her place.

You can check out "Sukikirai" now streaming on all major streaming outlets, and for more on Mei Semones, please see her pics on Instagram at this spot here, and check out her official website at this perch here for all the latest up to the date info surrounding her, including upcoming shows and videos as well.

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