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Boston Based Indie Outfit Hope For Rain Usher In "Good Days" On Brand New Single

Boston based indie trio Hope For Rain released their brand new single just last week titled "Good Days". The tune is a low-key, bombastic number coupled with a mixture of earthy sonic delights that really hits at you hard from the first note, and definitely leaves an impression on you after first hearing it. I was really impressed with these guys as this was my first musical encounter with them, and the group have a strong aura and presence about them that it's hard to look away from them and their musical might. Frontman Bradley Lynch has a impeccable voice and charm about him who knows how to navigate through the different musical channels popping up at every turn, and the rest of the band featuring Bradley's brother Brandon on bass, lead guitarist Alex Clegg, and drummer Andy Pagan doing their job of keeping the listener on their toes with what to expect coming up around the bend. I was completely enthralled with the group, and they definitely have that musical muscle and staying power that makes you want to hear every note they put out and see every minute of their live set. A terrific song that you should definitely seek out.

You can check out "Good Days" now streaming on all major streaming providers and for more on Hope For Rain, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this spot here, follow the fellas on Twitter right here, and see their concert pics on Instagram over here.

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