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Boston Based Indie Popster Charlie Blythe Has A "Toothache" On Latest Single Out Today

Boston based electronic indie-popster Charlie Blythe has unveiled her latest single out today titled "Toothache". The track is a wondrous, majestic soundscape with colorful rhythms and a strong musical progression that allows you to take stock and full notice of Charlie's talents and what she brings to the musical table. I was enthralled with her right from the start, and she has a strong musical presence embedded within her that makes people want to pay attention to everything that she has to say musically. She has a compelling story that is waiting to be told if you hear deep within, and allows listeners to be transported away into another dimension that has that escapist feel to it which will immediately take you away from the doldrums and into a sonic paradise that is waiting to be discovered and unearthed. An incredibly promising and talented artist who is definitely gunning for the top pedestal in the Boston music scene.

To take a listen to "Toothache", it's available on all major streaming carriers and for more on Charlie Blythe, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook located here, follow her on Twitter right here, and see her pics on Instagram at this perch here.

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