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Boston Based Singer-Songwriter Jamie Hart Steps Out of the "Shadow" on New Single Out Today

Boston based singer-songwriter Jamie Hart has unleashed her brand new single to the world today titled "Shadow". The song is a high-energy, vivacious tune with colorful rhythms and Jamie's elegant and booming voice having an immediate impact upon first listen that really makes you stop in your tracks and take notice of Jamie's marvelous presence. I didn't know a whole lot about Jamie going in, and after listening I found that Jamie has a soulful sound about her, with little hints of pop melodies that give her a diverse backdrop and really makes her sound stand out prominently right out of the gate. Jamie has incredible talents, and you can definitely tell how comfortable she feels letting her emotions flow out naturally and not forced out into the open. A marvelous talent that is starting to peel off her layers one by one, revealing her true self to the world.

To check out "Shadow" for yourself, it's available on all streaming platforms and for more on Jamie Hart, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, follow her on Twitter from over here, see her on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit her official website right here for more in depth info surrounding her.

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