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Boston Instrumental Trio Riding Shotgun Re-Releases "Night Falls" on Streaming Today

Boston based instrumental trio Riding Shotgun are back in the public consciousness with the streaming re-release of their 2005 LP "Night Falls". The album is a wondrous, magnificent effort with top-notch production and vivid instrumentation that really makes its mark on you right from the opening note, and makes you want to find out everything that there is to know about the band. The band originally formed back in May of 2002 as a side project of three close friends who bonded over their love of telling a story to the audience and embarking on a musical journey. It morphed into largely what you hear right in front of you, and the guys realized they had a strong musical marriage where they draw upon the strength of each other to take the listener along on the ride through the lush musical landscape. A truly magnificent effort that you'll want to explore firsthand.

You can check out "Night Falls" now streaming on all major outlets, and you can pre-order it on vinyl through their label Light of Day Records right here. It's an exclusive, limited edition of 500 on split-colored blue/orange vinyl that is set to ship out the week of April 4th so act quickly! Give the band a 'Like' on Facebook over here, and check out their official website at this spot right here.

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