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Boston Noise Rockers Mariposa Release Debut Single "Ice"

Emanating directly from right here in Boston comes the noise rock stylings of Mariposa, who just released their debut single last week on Green Line Records titled "Ice". The song is a mellow, serene force of nature with beautiful harmonies and top-notch instrumentation that will allow you to appreciate the band right from the start, and hold dear, near, and close to your heart as well. The group consists of Atticus Crowley on rhythm guitar, Alexander Dake on drums, Delia Martin on bass, and Logan Robinson on lead vocals, lead guitar, and synth. The members first met in September 2021, and the members have been inseparable ever since then and have really found a common ground when it comes to getting their musical message across and staying on the same page also. The song went down easy, and has a very calm complexion going for it that allows you to take stock of the different instrumentation abound, and lets you settle in easily and hear the individual components and how they all contribute to the track as a whole. This is only the beginning of the group, and speaks to volumes about their good fortunes that will be sprouting up plentiful down the road.

You can check out "Ice" now streaming on all major platforms and for more on Mariposa, please give them a follow on Twitter at this junction here, and see their beautiful faces at Instagram conveniently at this perch over here.

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