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Boston's Own Amy Mantis and the Space Between Finds "A Place To Land" On Debut LP

Boston based rock and roll outfit Amy Mantis and the Space Between released their brand new, debut full length effort just a couple of weeks ago titled "A Place To Land". The collection is an easy going mixture of rock rhythms conjured upon a mellow space, with an easy going mixture of breathtaking harmonies and some upbeat numbers sprinkled throughout to give the effort a spirited balance. Alongside Amy, the trio consists of Jeff Fogleman and Eric Marshall, and they all have amazing skills and a strong musical syncopation between one another that becomes quite apparent right off the bat. I've covered Amy's music before going back several years when she was a part of another local act I used to cover Canary, and I was impressed with her ability to adapt to the ever changing rhythms off a dime, something that is very crucial for any musician to master the art of. Amy Mantis and the Space Between definitely have a bright future and an incredibly pure and diverse sound that is well worth of uncorking and discovering for the first time.

To check out "A Place To Land" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Amy Mantis and the Space Between, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook via this channel here, follow her on Twitter over here, see their pics on Instagram at this spot right here, and check out their official website at this perch here for all the latest updates directly from the band.

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