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Boston Based Maya Wagner Collabs With HILLOC on New Track "I Don't Wanna"

Boston native Maya Wagner has released her collaboration with Australia based producer HILLOC just a couple of days ago titled "I Don't Wanna". The song is a electro styled pop banger with HILLOC's talents behind the scenes fused with Maya's indelible vocals creating a double edged sword that provides for an exquisite listen. Maya has a strong presence that allows her to burst right out of the gate with authority that makes you stop and take notice of the plethora of rhythms that she's hitting you at from all angles. HILLOC is a true talent of himself as he lends his vocal talents to this track, which greatly complements Maya's style. HILLOC has a unique talent of bringing out the best in everyone he works with, and he does a great job of giving Maya the confidence to go outside the box, and do things outside her usual comfort zone. Even though you may not be a fan of said genre, it does have a strong melodic undertone to it that will keep you spellbound and in said frame of mind to keep you occupied with what she has to put out in the open. I found this to be an enthralling and captivating listen, and Maya definitely has the presence and authority to carry her a long way. An exciting new track that is well worth for you to discover.

To check out "I Don't Wanna", it's now available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Maya Wagner, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here and check out her official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding her, including links to stream her previously released tracks.

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