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CT Based Indie Rock Outfit Bonsai Trees Release New Single "Parallel"

Based out of Connecticut comes the dynamic indie-rock stylings of Bonsai Trees, who are back with their brand new single today titled "Parallel". The song is a enriched, musically complex tune that has some bold musical textures embedded within to make you want to continue listening to the track, and feel out all the unique twists and turns that you'll encounter along the way. The group is comprised of James MacPherson, whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for awhile now going back to when he played bass for Manic Pixi. I was really enthralled and immersed in this tune right from the start, as I was intensely curious of how he constructed this amazing of a track that shows immense musical growth, and how wise beyond his years James is at putting his forth his artistic and creative vision to life. It really is a fantastic track, and it might take repeated listens for you to fully appreciate it but once you do, you'll see firsthand the musical magic and sheer genius that James is capable of displaying at any point of time. A fantastic track that you'll definitely grow accustomed to in due time.

You can discover "Parallel" out now on all major streaming platforms and for more on Bonsai Trees, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook located right here, follow them on Twitter over here, seek out their pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please check out their official website at this tent here for more in depth info surrounding the outfit.

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