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Grand Rapids, MI Indie Quintet Pretoria Get Lucky On Their Stunning New Single “Seven"

Photo Credit: Brady Olson

Grand Rapids, MI based indie rockers Pretoria are back it again on their astounding new single out to the masses today titled “Seven”. The song hits at all the right sweet spots, and once again shows Pretoria’s meteoric ascent to the top of the indie rock stratosphere with their hypnotizing rhythms and youthful good looks and charm that have captivated audiences in their Michigan homeland, and are beginning to make a dent elsewhere. The group consists of Rob Gullett on lead vocals and bass, Josh Bilisko on guitar/vocals, Ben DeWitt on drums, Matt Burdick on guitar/vocals, and Matt Pavlock on guitar. The guys have been one of my favorite acts since having first featured them back in 2019, and were my top played artist last year and had the top album as well with their debut LP “Where Will The Night Take Us?” that vaulted them into everyone’s musical collective consciousness. The guys are my musical spirits and brothers in every sense of the fashion, and continue to get better and more musically congealed with each and every song they put out. This tune is guaranteed to become lodged in your brain for quite some time.

You can check out “Seven” now up on your preferred music streaming provider and for more on Pretoria, give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook over here, follow the boys on Twitter right here, see their pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their brand new official website at this perch here for more in depth info on the band, including merch and dates for their upcoming mini tour that will be launching in Cleveland, OH on February 9th.

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