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Harvard, MA Based Erin Ash Sullivan Says "We Can Hear Each Other" on New LP Out Today

From the quiet town of Harvard, MA comes the sounds of singer-songwriter Erin Ash Sullivan, who has released her debut album to the world today titled "We Can Hear Each Other". Her music has a warm, inviting tone with simply structured melodies that meld in well with Erin's voice, which navigates in and around the instrumentation with ease that goes down smoothly and makes you look forward to listening to the rest of the album in its entirety. I really gravitated towards her sound quite easily, and thought there were no frills attached whatsoever that really made her music stand out and jump off the page. Erin has a very comforting presence that makes her musical message very sincere and genuine, and definitely makes you embrace the warmth of spring that much more appropriately enough with one of the tracks on the album titled "Spring Come Running". I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Erin's music, and I definitely think you will do as the spring days get warmer and everyone starts to come out of their shell.

To check out "We Can Hear Each Other" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming carriers and for more on Erin Ash Sullivan, please visit her official website for all depth info surrounding her.

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