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Local Fav Jason Ebbs Promises Not To "Let You Down" on New Single Out Today

Boston based singer-songwriter Jason Ebbs has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece out today called "Let You Down". Jason released his latest EP "The Deep End" just a few months ago, and this brand new track reflects a slight departure from the songs featured on that said EP and going back a little further in time for this tune. Think of a mix of Loggins and Messina with a slight Steely Dan concoction and you get an easy going, yacht-rock kind of vibe that evokes Jason's carefree and 'anything goes' mantra. Jason has been featured on the site numerous times before, and I also had the pleasure of interviewing him for my podcast last year as well. I always appreciated his mellow candor and pleasant nature that really comes across in his music. He has a genuine style that is all his own and can't be classified or confined within one genre, and Jason wouldn't have it any other way. An immensely satisfying musical treat that lets you enjoy the rest of the summer at ease and with the ones you care about.

To check out "Let You Down" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming providers and please seek him out on his social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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