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Local Indie Folk Duo High Tea Unleash New EP "Old Cowboy"

Sourced from right here in Boston comes the indie-folk duo High Tea, whom have released their latest EP last month titled "Old Cowboy". The effort is an acoustic affair, and it's an instant dose of harmonic bliss with beautiful acoustic guitar interludes, interspersed with luscious vocal refrains that immediately jolt out at you the moment you first begin to unwrap it. The duo is comprised of Isabella DeHerdt and Isaac Eliot, and their sound is reminiscent of such acts like The Lumineers and The Civil Wars with their own unique musical twist and creative vision. I was immediately blown away and jolted by their sound, and it has that warm musical crackle and flame that is instantly special the moment you hear it, and you know right off the bat that these two have an instant musical connection that really hits it home. An outstanding effort all around that needs to be listened to in full.

You may listen to "Old Cowboy" on Bandcamp right here and on all major streaming providers as well. For more on High Tea, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook located here, and see their pics on Instagram at this junction right here.

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