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London Based Solar Parachute Releases Explosive New Single "Can't Help Myself"

London based multi-instrumentalist Solar Parachute has unearthed his latest single titled "Can't Help Myself". The song is a explosive, melodic outburst with a bevy of indie, alternative, and garage influences that are strewn upon like a musical canvas that is waiting to be looked at by the adoring public. The outfit is the brainchild of Gaet Allard, and he definitely has alot to offer up in terms of musical wisdom, sheer talent, and creativity that are apparent right from the surface, and he really makes you excited at what he's coming up with down the pipeline. Hearing Gaet's music really makes me enthralled and compelled at the different layers he's composed of, and his sheer brilliance when it comes to putting forth his musical mission. An exciting and immensely talented artist that we've only begun to just scratch the surface of.

To check out "Can't Help Myself" for yourself, it's available on major streaming carriers and for more on Solar Parachute, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from over here, see his vids on YouTube right here, and check out his pics on Instagram conveniently located at this spot here.

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